magali duzant
An artist working in photography, video, text, and then some...based in NY
The Great Beauty

Available through Oranbeg Press as one of the newest round of Interleaves

To purchase:
Combination #2 from the Der Greif show
Combination from the Der Greif show
Sunday night. Pop-up show. 430 E 13th st Apt 6F
Had the pleasure to shoot designer Lucille Tenazas for the cover of Adobo magazine, issue out now.
A simulated sequence…
Interleaves launches today! Thanks so much John!

At the PPAC Art Book Fair this weekend (from 12-6pm) we will be releasing 36 new interleafs making it a total of 65! 
Make sure to pick one up from these great artists: Ben Alper, Michael McCraw, Timothy Briner, Colin Todd, Daniel Augschoell, Varvara Mikushkina, Michael Vahrenwald, TJ Elias, Irina Rozovsky, Carlos Lowenstein, Maggie Shannon, Jay Muhlin, Michael Marcelle, Sophie T. Lvoff, Pauline Magnenat, Nat Ward, Ginevra Shay, Dan Boardman, Leigh Van Duzer, Mark Daniel Harley, Meghan Schaetzle, Curran Hatleberg, Tristan Hutchinson, Lynley Bernstein, Mike Finkelstein, Quinn Gorbutt , John M. O’Toole, Joe Lingeman, Josh Poehlein, Patrick Hogan, Matthew Austin, Seth Fluker, Nicole White, Tammy Mercure, Eric Ruby,Carl Gunhouse, Daisuke Yokota, Ben Huff, Aaron Canipe, Nelson Chan, Jake Reinhart, Claudio Nolasco, Tara Wray, Sara Stojkovic, Sara J Winston, David Oresick, David la Spina, Amy Lombard, Andrew Hammerand, Clayton Cotterell, Shane Lyman, Susana Zak, Jeremy Haik, Jesse Hlebo, Coley Brown, Erin Jane Nelson, Andrew Frost, Colin Sterns, Magali Duzant, Jordan Baumgarten, Stephen Hilger, Lindsay Metivier and Jane Tam.
A show I am in opens this Friday in Augsburg, Germany! 

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